Welcome to Dairy Bulls Online

DairyBullsOnline was started as a way to Promote unique and Marketable Bulls.
We have focused on increasing the awareness and availability of Polled Dairy Bulls.
We work closely with breeders of Polled Genetics.
We bring the top Polled genetics to market in a way to reward the breeders of these bulls.

DairyBullsOnline continues to come up with new strategies to handle the distribution of Polled bulls based on Supply and Demand.
Strategies to maximize the returns on the early release of bulls with limited inventory is one way to acquire the top bulls and fairly compensate the breeders.
We also aim to be able to bring Polled Genetics to the commercial market when the supply of the Bulls improves.
Together this strategy is a way to acquire top bulls and best serve the expanding market for Polled Dairy Bulls.