Lawn Boy-Red A Polled Holstein Legacy

Bob Feldwich of New Knoxville, Ohio, the breeder of (7HO8223) Aggravation Lawn Boy P-Red PO, first brought the bull to my attention at nearly one year of age. Bob had struggled to get an A.I. firm to take the bull due to his unproven sire, Dudoc Bacculum-Red. Bob was comfortable in offering Lawn Boy to SunShower as we had an excellent working relationship through the syndication and development of other polled bulls from Lawn Boy’s family.
At first observation, Lawn Boy was a striking individual. He was a tall fancy calf with a great deal of class. His dam was a Very Good-86 polled and red carrier Manfred daughter with good milk credentials. His grandam was a Very Good-87 polled and red carrier Aerostar daughter with 187,000 pounds milk. She later surpassed 200,000 pounds milk lifetime. The source of polled in the cow family came through from Larry-Moore Crosby B Poll-Red, sire of his third dam. Crosby-Red was a son of Burket-Falls True Value-Red PO. Hanover-Hill Triple Threat-Red established a dependable source of appealing confirmation through his fourth dam.
As independents, we were able to sample outside the traditional box. In this case, the traditional box was the requirement to have a proven sire, before the days of genomics. Although Bacculum was not proven, he was an excellent compliment to Lawn Boy’s cow family. Consequently, the Lawn Boy Syndicate was willing to go outside the box to sample and develop this promising polled red Holstein.
Sampling – Development
Lawn Boy was housed at and semen collected by InterGlobe Genetics of Pontiac, Illinois. The bull was promoted via traditional avenues such as the Red Bloodlines magazine. Through the hundreds of bulls sampled by SunShower syndicates, there had never been a bull as popular as Lawn Boy. While he was a striking individual, no doubt polled was a major influence in Lawn Boy’s popularity.
As the sampling process was winding down, Jeff Ziegler with Select Sires contacted me to determine if Lawn Boy could be made available for their program. By this time Bacculum had a proof. The genetic potential for Lawn Boy was looking encouraging. SunShower had a long working relationship with Select Sires; consequently they had confidence in our sampling capabilities. Lawn Boy was subsequently leased to Select. At that juncture, the syndicate had distributed 2,460 units of semen in approximately 175 herds.
Upon clearing all health tests, Select Sires launched Lawn Boy as a Super Sampler. Lawn Boy became very popular for them. In fact, Select Sires distributed over 10,000 units of semen within eighteen months of his semen release. His eventual daughter production and type results support his enduring legacy. After several sessions by Holstein classifiers, Lawn Boy was rated Excellent-94, certainly an attractive individual.
Wild-Type Allele
Although a true red and white, Lawn Boy is not homozygous red. Lawn Boy has one red allele and one wild-type allele. Genetic research indicates that the wild-type allele has no influence on coat color. When the wild-type allele is present, other genes determine coat color. Subsequently, when Lawn Boy is mated to red females (females with two red alleles), 50% of the calves will have two red alleles and 50% will have a red allele and a wild-type allele. All of the calves will be red, as expected. When mated to red carriers (females with a black and a red allele) Lawn Boy will produce 50% red and 50% black calves, as expected. At last account,there were no reported concerns about his transmitting pattern of coat color.
It is not possible to predict the coat color resulting from a mating where two wild-type alleles are present. These calves could be red, but they might be black. We are not aware that any Lawn Boy offspring were ever reported with this genotype, so we simply do not know the outcome.
Polled Male Siblings
Lawn Boy has two polled maternal brothers with commendable A.I. proofs. (76HO0530) Aggravation Ducky-Red PO is a Talent son. Ducky has very commendable management traits with positive Type, UDC and FLC ratings. Ducky was first leased to Select Sires as a polled bull. He manifested what Select Sires interpreted as horns. They “dehorned


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    Thanks for sharing! I love to hear a good bull story! Great insight – so much more to bulls than their proofs on a paper!

  2. Bruce Cameron

    great story and will be seen in time as one of the Holstein greats!

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      Sorry I missed this message Paul. So
      The Burket-Falls Source in Lawnboy is Burket-Falls A B C the Maternal Grand sire of Burket-Falls Elevation Sophia
      0029HO01957 BW POR Born 08-MAY-69 0.08%INB 2%R

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